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Hi, I'm Jada Newhouse and I'm a Photography major at Sam Houston State University! I'm not very confident in my own work, but I hope to gain a lot from the WASH program. I have experience in both photography and graphic design thanks to High School yearbook and Dallas Teenage Newspaper. I'm a huge nerd who plays Pokemon and Harry Potter rpg games. I love Harry Potter (Love might be an understatement). I'm easily entertained and an overall great person to get to know! I look forward to meeting many others JUST LIKE ME! :)

Monday, May 9, 2011


For my performance I spun a color guard flag. My word was toss, so I threw a few tosses that I remembered from when I was in color guard a few years ago. Unfortunately it was seen as more of a talent show piece. So I guess next time I will have to think of something else. It seems like it was a popular thing to go with something you were already decent at, I should have seen that and changed to my previous idea of doing a back bend for the word bridge. Though I think that would have come across as a talent show piece too seeing that I am fairly decent at back bends. Better luck next time!

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